How boys learned to love writing through blogging

It is a truth universally acknowledged that most boys do not enjoy writing??????.. So what is happening at Heathfield? Our boys are learning to LOVE the process of writing!

The story began about 14 months ago when Mr Mitchell started experimenting with blogging. Last year seemed to be all about learning to use free online tools, voicethread, primary pad, coveritlive and so on. Gradually however the interest in the tools seems to have been overtaken by the interest in writing itself. Mr Mitchell has been turning writing into an artform, ensuring that every piece has a real reason, a purpose and an audience. Gone are the days of writing ???pretend??? letters to ???pretend??? people. Our Year 6 children write instead to our School Advisor, to MPs and to anyone real who can be involved in the latest topic. David also works hard to involve local people, footballers, newspaper editors, real authors, in short anyone he can cajole or bully into helping him.

The combination of audience and real purpose seems to be the key. The Year 6 boys and girls now think that writing is ???cool??? and they enjoy going home to improve on their first drafts which were written at school.  Consequently our Year 5 and Year 4 boys, who look up to their older peers ??? (and what an influence older peers can be!!) are thinking that if Year 6 think it???s cool to write, then so do they! Now their siblings in Key Stage 1 want to be able to join in the fun and write stories too!

We are still on the journey. We haven???t arrived yet. But it???s a jolly good journey, we are learning to be a writing school, we are having fun and there are so many adventures yet to be enjoyed!


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