Welcome PGCE Creativity Elective Group

Hello everyone. As you know by now I do have techno-fear, but not to the extent that I cannot use the wonderful Posterous blogging tool. I have set this site up for you to look at, share and contribute your own examples of creative thinkning, learning and evdeavour. You all have the opportunity to share on this site, but it is only open to us, not the rest of the world. The reason I am using this is twofold. One, it is more flexible than Student Docs -you can’t put up articles from the Guraidan (sic) or videos of Ken Robinson on it, while Posterous takes everything. Secondly, I have not used a blogging tool in my teaching before and wanted to see how it helped you engage with the material or set you off on your own thinking.

I am genuinely interested in what you think about this, so if you see something you like, do feel free to share or comment. It might help you to use Google Chrome -and download the Posterous Bookmarklet. Type in Chrome Extensions and then look for the Posterous Extension. It becomes a little yellow post-it note icon on your toolbar. Once you see an article or video you like you click on the icon and Posterous does the rest. Peasy. Have fun and good wishes



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