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So, what is a School of Creativity?

In 2008, Thomas Tallis School was designated as one of thirty national Schools of Creativity in recognition of its commitment to creative learning. Tallis has been part of the Creative Partnerships network of schools since its inception in 2004. It is a specialist arts college and Leading Edge school but one which promotes creative learning across the whole curriculum. The school is due to be completely rebuilt over the next two years and creative learning will be at the very centre of its mission to provide an educational hub for the established and emerging communities locally. Moreover, the school accepts the challenge of contributing to the national and international debates about the fundamentally important role of creativity in learning for the 21st century.

The purpose of this website is to gather together a range of examples of successful creative learning strategies at Thomas Tallis School so that they can be shared in school and beyond. First, we attempt to respond to the question, “What is Creativity?” We are constantly updating our links to a range of Creativity Resources, freely available on the WWW. Our Creative Learning page contains a wide range of projects and activities that provide examples of how we are attempting to develop creative learners at Thomas Tallis School. This includes information about how we created our Manifesto for a Creative Tallis. The Blog highlights recent posts from the Creative Tallis Action Research Group,  a collective of students and staff members who meet to share their thoughts about creativity, ask for help from one another and highlight exciting developments. The Gallery features images from a variety of creative learning activities at Tallis that we share online via the excellent Flickr. The Documents page contains links to relevant publications that have either been produced in school or have informed our thinking about School of Creativity status and creative learning. Finally, we have a page of Links to useful websites.

We hope you find this site useful. Please get in touch with us if you would like more information about our School of Creativity.

Jon Nicholls
School of Creativity Co-ordinator
t: 020 8331 3054

You should really check out this site. There is a link below to the school’s manifesto for creativity, which will be of great use to you for your DT for this elective.


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