Adam Phillips on creativity and mental health -from the TLS



Creativity from Teachers Media

Learn some top tips on creativity in teaching, as primary teachers discuss what creativity means and how it should be used in the classroom, in this pedagogy resource for KS1/2 teachers.

They discuss their responsibility to engage pupils in learning in all lessons, regardless of subject, and how this demands a flexible approach to lesson planning and delivery – with the teacher sometimes venturing out of their comfort zone.

The teachers consider a range of interactive techniques for motivating and inspiring creativity in pupils – whether it means dressing up, using first-hand experiences or even bringing in packed suitcases for a geography class. They also debate the factors that kill creativity in the classroom.

7 Types of Creative Block (and What to Do About Them) – by Mark McGuinness at The 99 Percent


Benjamin Zander on Creativity and Possibility Thinking -from Teachers Media

In this programme, Benjamin Zander, conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, extols the virtues of positive thinking.

Zander, who has conducted the BPO for 20 years, is also artistic director of the music programme at Walnut Hill, a high school for the performing arts in Boston.

Talking to headteachers at a conference organised by the National College of School Leadership, Zander explains why we should stop listening to the negative voices in our heads and give ourselves and others an A-grade.

He urges people to think positively and be open to possibilities. He argues that we spend too much time and energy being weighed down by negative thinking and downward spirals.

The secret, he says, is to try to live in possibility, and not to take yourself too seriously.