Lend Me Your Literacy -Writers’ resources for teaching

Lendmeyourliteracy.org is a unique online resource base for teachers and students of Literacy.


A one stop website for examples of good pieces of literacy work written by children and not just models written in a text book.

Teachers can use these pieces of work for moderation purposes and an aid to good teaching, inspiring children to believe…

“If they can do it,why can’t I?”

Pupils can develop their critical thinking and self-assessment skills through posting comments and reflecting on their work. Check out our fantastic lendmeyourliteracy genre ticklists!

We also firmly believe in promoting literacy skills across the whole school curriculum and beyond into adult working life.


We want Poets and Authors to “lend me your literacy” and promote yourselves in schools across the country! Find out how this benefits you here. Plus, we can create a LendMeYourLiteracy blog for your own school and show Ofsted you are promoting collaborative, peer-peer learning and celebrating children’s work on a national scale!

Click on the link below to find more writing resources from lendmeyourliteracy



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